GoldenZone Ltd

Timeline: 2 months, 2014 - 2015
Client: GoldenZone ltd
Role: Designer & developer


GoldenZone considered their website as a growth opportunity with regards to prospective clients, but were reluctant to advertise their old website because it did not adequately represent them as a company.

They asked me to help with a comprehensive redesign that focused on promoting GoldenZone with a sense of engagement, personality, and relevance. I put together a proposal that identified key issues on their old site and prioritised improvements, including creating a clear information hierarchy and increasing the use of imagery to engage their target audiences.

Research and content

We started with a comprehensive current website audit and competitor analysis. This included spending several days on-site with the company to guide them through the process and get to know a little more about the company. We concluded that, at best their website was functional. If pushed it could direct someone to further contact the company, but the design and content were outdated, it was hard to navigate, and didn't convey their information well despite being very text heavy.

Following this session, we began to identify what they wanted their website to achieve. Their key audience was prospective clients who would be looking for specific services, depth of expertise, and compliance offered by the company. Their website therefore needed to act like a front-door; it had to respresent the company, engage any interested parties, and clearly direct them to contact details.

Goldenzone onsite
Goldenzone onsite 2

Visual design

After defining our target audience, we moved on to visual design. GoldenZone's prospective clients were small pharmaceutical company managers and directors, likely to be time poor and looking for specific pieces of information. I focused my design efforts on creating a clear information hierarchy for each page and the sites navigation, making sure users always knew where they were and always had a clear call-to-action for each page.

I was also responsible for implementing the front-end of the website in HTML and CSS. This gave me the opportunity to use some subtle animations, creating visual interest and drawing the users attention to the title of the page.

goldenzone website design


I love projects that request illustration and iconography, they can add real character and engagement. Designing icons for GoldenZone was particularly challenging as, even though they are a drug safety company, they specifically requested images that didn’t have drugs or medical imagery. To represent their services I developed a set of icons based off broad metaphors; the heart of clinical trials; the puzzle of pharmacovigilance; the world of quality assurance, visually tied them to the existing brand with colour.

None of the GoldenZone team wanted to have their photograph taken for the website, so after developing the icons, I set about creating some illustrations in the same style. The illustrations were designed not to directly represent any one person in the company, but small details reflect specific members of the team upon meeting them.


GoldenZone launched their new website in February, 2015.

"We have been very pleased with the work you did for our website and it has definitely helped attract new clients for us and continues to do so. We found the process you took us through to get to the endpoint really helped us work out what we wanted." - Director, GoldenZone Ltd

GoldenZone's new business increased after the launch and they are planning to add new services soon.

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