Fruto Studio

Timeline: 1 month, 2017
Client: Fruto Studio
Role: Brand designer


Fruto aims to go the extra mile to create positive experiences and interactions. They approached me to created a brand from scratch for the new design studio.

Fruto believe that people's time and needs should be respected and their interactions - whether human or digital - should be designed thoughtfully, bringing genuine value even in the most adverse situations.

Fruto required a creative brand that was as optimistic as it is inclusive and open-minded. I worked to set it apart by being bright, bold, and a little experimental; seeking out opportunities, inspiring people, and areas it can make an impact.

Collaborative process

Because of the startup budget and short timeline for this brand design, I developed a new collaborative process using a design tool called Figma. Typically, brand design is at least a 6 week journey, requiring plenty of time, iteration, and regular presentations to the client to evolve the brand in the right direction. Figma reduced the more formal presentation and feedback structure by allowing the client to view the document in real-time as it was being created, leaving comments to provide direction and suggestions.

Whilst I definitely believe this sped up the process and got us to a great final result, I do not think its a substitute for a slightly longer and deliberately paced process.

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Brand design

Fruto had quite a clear understanding of what they wanted their brand to convey from the very first meeting. It needed to be positive, creative, open, inclusive, approachable, and modern; simple bright shapes that came together as a collection sparked the imagination immediately. However, it was important to explore a little broader than our first idea to make sure we weren't missing anything.

After creating mood boards I narrowed our choices down to 2 key directions:

  1. Fruitful labour
  2. Diverse forms

I began roughly sketching logomarks for these directions to get as many ideas down as possible. The directions evolved in parallel through refining the logo marks, adding colour and typography, right to the end where it took applying each direction to mock ups to decide. Ultimately, fruitful labour was chosen for being cleaner and more identifiable. Sometimes your first idea wins through.



Fruto's new brand was delivered in September, 2017. I created a logo package that included print and screen-ready logomarks, typefaces, and brand guidelines to allow the client to easily and consistently apply the brand design (see images below).

"I'm very excited about Fruto's branding that Ben designed for my business. Very quickly he understood my vision and the concepts that I wanted the branding to communicate, asked insightful questions and came up with a creative and beautiful design." - Director, Fruto Studio


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